ORA600 Ltd., Oracle Consultancy


The below is a selection of projects and pieces of work that I have carried out which I feel particularly proud of or that showcase some aspect of the services I have provided to clients over the years.

This list will grow as time allows me to put extra items and more detail in place. As of now {22nd June 2009} other parts of this site and other work is taking up my time.

Trace Archive - an 80TB database

I designed and implemented the Trace Archive database whilst at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and it remains the biggest database I have architected. When I left the institute it was already in excess of 40TB and growing fast. It is designed to scale to 100TB and, last I knew, it was over 75TB.

27TB system migration

As part of the development of the trace archive it had to be moved from one hardware platform to another (Tru64 to linux). We also moved the data from being held in Tru64's clustered ADVFS filesystem to Oracle ASM storage. I and my team moved the 27TB database with only 4 hours of downtime.