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I have been running courses on various aspects of Oracle for quite a long time. These started as informal sessions just to explain some new aspect of Oracle or a particular project to other technicians and grew into a set of courses I used to run at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute to save on training expenses.

This page will eventually point to the slides for the training courses I have run. For now it is more just a list of the courses I have given in the past and can give again. The slides tend to be very, very basic. In my courses I rely more on talking to and with the students and showing things "for real". I don't have a Graphics Department at my disposal to help produce flash, colourful slides. As such, the slides alone may be bland and not be quite enough to learn from.

The courses I have given in the past are:-

  • Introduction to SQL on Oracle - A 3-day course introducing the basic concepts of the Oracle RDBMS and getting going with SQL. It is aimed at people with some experience of IT and programming but no or little RDBMS experience.
  • Introduction to SQL on MySQL - A 3-day course introducing the basic concepts of the MySQL RDBMS and gettign going with SQL. It is aimed at people with some experience of IT but no or little experience of RDBMS
  • Intermediate Oracle Course - A 3-day course covering the general concepts of Oracle including objects {tables, views, users, privileges, roles, partitions}, Oracle architecture, transactions, read consistency and SQL. It is intended for people with some knowledge of using Oracle and SQL or who are familiar with another RDBMS.
  • Introduction to Oracle Performance Tuning - Either a 1 or 2 day course that covers the basics of Oracle database performance: Indexes and indexing strategies, the cost based optimiser, explain_plan, tuning methodologies, access paths and the use of Hints. A basic understanding of SQL is required. This course aims to give participants enough knowledge to start tuning and learn more.
  • Partitioning - a single day course on the concepts of Oracle Partitions and how to use them.
  • PL/SQL Introdution - A 2-day course to introduce those who know SQL to using PL/SQL.
  • Project Management Seminar - A half-day seminar on the concepts and considerations of Project Management.

I would be happy to repeat any of the above courses or run courses on similar topics. I do limit myself to only running courses on topics I feel I know well, so I would not be comfortable repeating the MySQL course at present.

Please contact me to discuss your requirements and costs.